Roasting 365

For Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Help Desk

Ask us! We can provide you with all the information you need. Contact our sales, support or just send us a message. Browse our knowledge data base or do a workflow run through.

What is the best way to get started?

In your company, there are a number of workflowsthat follow a very specific scheme. We’ll show you how to easily and quickly translate these processes into Roasting365. You can also search directly for specific terms on our search portal or make a request to support them.

Set up

To help you make the most of Roasting 365, we can help you to set up your business processes in such a way that you will be able to locate them in the system. Setting up the data is crucial. For instance; item groups, tracking codes, price groups, locations, taxes, etc.

Basic equipment Number range
Unit conversion Batches
Storage locations
Roasting facility Roasting profile Capture
Roasted items Roasted profile templates
Roasting colours Quality
Roasted profiling events Capture roasting level
Item properties Item units
Manage purchase prices Capacity



Roasting and production

Plan your roasts, assign staff and utilize the machines. Roast with your favorite profile and book the result for follow-up and evaluation to your stock. Fill up your batches and get them ready for further processing. Refill coffee levels and create packaged coffee for sale.

Pack roasted coffee
Plan roasting Perform roasting


Request and compare prices of your suppliers, order green coffee, materials and merchandise. Record delivery notes, invoices and credits and automatically book good received to your warehouses.




Sell roasted coffee, accessories and food and drinks in your shop at the checkout. Send items from the online store or send coffee from your warehouse to business and private customers around the world. Create and manage shipments, invoices and returns, and book your inventory automatically in financial accounting and warehousing.

Sell items Sell food service articles
Cash Credit card payment



in your warehouses there is green and roasted coffee, packaged coffee and consumables. You can manage batches, stock your stores and have an overview of your inventory at all times.

Store auxiliary material
Store green coffee Repackaging roasted coffee



The dashboard gives you a complete overview of what’s happening in your company at all times. From the dashboard you can track the numbers to the source and evaluate all operations. Create reports such as order proposals, roasting profiles, customs information, or sales statistics.

Role Center Customs
Planned roasts Roasted coffee



You can get a initial impression of Roasting 365 and our services here. You have more questions? just write to us.

Can I add more users?

Of course, you can add users at any time. We also offer of monthly or annual payment solutions.

Where can I find the documentation?

The system includes an online help function. In addition, we will soon be introducing a help desk system. The help desk includes a database with many helpful articles and an online support function.

What kind of support is available?

You can currently reach our support via our support form or email. However, we will soon be introducing a help desk through which you will find extended help options in addition to managing support tickets.

How do I migrate existing data?

If you already have a system in use, you can probably migrate most of the data from it as well. Please contact our sales department so that we can plan the right steps for you.

Can I change packages?

The basic packages are put together in such a way that they provide an optimal starting base. Naturally, you can also put together your own packages. Please contact our sales department.

Can I integrate my system?

If you have other systems in use, you can connect them to our system. In order to do this, we need to analyze the interfaces of the systems and plan a solution with you. Please contact our sales department.

Can I continue using my cash register?

If you already have a cash register in use, you can enter the final bookings into our financial accounting department. If you want an individual interface for automatic data import, please contact our sales department. We are working to provide as many cash register systems as possible with interfaces.