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Die Business-Software-Komplettlösung für Röstereien.

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Roasting 365 is our complete package for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. We offer a range of specialized apps and services for the operation of roasters.

Now with automatic customs clearance report,roast planning and roasting production of batches with roast profiles! Evaluate past roasting profiles and optimize your production. Determine your purchasing needs, plan production and roast in stock or for customer orders!

Write orders, invoices and manage your warehouses in purchasing and sales. Integrate your cash register or use our system. Integrate your web shop. Attract new customers and plan marketing strategies in our marketing module. Manage your roasting through our dashboard and keep your finances under control.

Focus on the essentials

You roast and we’ll provide the software. Software solutions from a from a single source with everything from procurement to sales. At the checkout, at the register or the online shop. All processes under control.

Purchasing, sales, warehouse, production, shipping, payment transactions, financial accounting. Shop, outlets, cash register, roasting book, customs clearance. Online store, marketing.

Purchasing, sales, warehouse, cash register

Suppliers, inquiries, items, containers, price lists, customers, offers, warehouse movements, inventory, store management, cash register system, food services, mobile POS, discounts, coupons, shipping, online shop, carriers, seminars, events, marketing, CRM, business intelligence…

Production and roasting

Calculation, green bean storage, customs warehouse, roasting book with all the specifications, storage movement, waste, weighing, packaging, labeling, replenishment, stock keeping, samples, receipts …


Accounting, receipt of payments, payment exit, bank connection, income, expenses, taxes, human resources, payroll, controlling, cost accounting, calculation, budgeting, project planning, multiple clients …

Inventory Management

Manage your stock. From green coffee to roasted coffee to merchandise such as packaged coffee and accessories. Track booking history and inventory. Set the wholesale and retail prices and much more.


Plan roasts on different machines. Capture the roasting processes and adjust the roast profile. Keep track of your roasting and compare it to previously saved operations.

Roasting profiles

Create roasting profiles for your roasted coffee. You can assign them to the coffee and apply them to new roasts and even make adjusts in the roast. Create new templates from previous roasts to apply to new roasts. You can define your own parameters and thus customize the profiles.


You can automatically create a roasting book from your created roasts profiles. This includes the due coffee tax, which you must include in your monthly customs statement. You can print out the roast book and customs information on all roasts already saved.

Management Console

The management console provides you with an overview of your business activity data at all times. Track your sales activities, production process, purchasing and sales, and warehouse activities.

Your system grows with you

Roasting 365 is modular. This allows you to get started quickly with the most important features. Write bills and roast. Order green coffee and manage your warehouse. As your business grows and your processes become more diverse, Roasting 365 adapts to your needs. You can add additional modules as needed and thus respond flexibly to your needs.

If you also need individual customization , we can also advise you and develop solutions.

Strong partners

Previous systems have either been too complicated, too expensive, require local servers or offered only checkout solutions. That’s changing now. With Roasting 365, TSO-DATA offers a cloud-based service (SaaS) application based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. This gives you all business processes as a networked system, anytime, anywhere.

The LS RETAIL POSsolutions, as well as connection to other systems such as banking, web shops or logistics providers, are also an integral part of the company’s POS solutions.

Omni-Channel Business

The retail business of the future has only just begun. Retail and mail order merge into omni-channel units and pick up the customer where ever they find you. Roasting 365 is the headquarters throughwhich you can control your goods flows, production and sales. In doing so, we integrate your processes at all levels and provide you with the omni-channel information you need to reach your customers in the best possible way.

Of course, we also offer: Mobile First. It doesn’t matter which device your customer works with, we pick them up where ever they are.

Keep an eye on your business.

Anytime, any place.

As you roast your coffee, keep an eye on all companydata. Monitor your production, branches, checkouts, inventory, production demands and finances. From purchasing the green coffee to controlling production to delivering it to your customers and stores. You have full access to all the processes of your operation, up to real-time checkout data all the time.

In addition, our BI (Business Intelligence) informs you about key figures from the past that are relevant to you and is even able to use them to make suggestions for the future for example, in purchasing.


Until now, we have had to control our processes with multiple solutions which is time consuming. With ROASTING 365 centralized solution, we have more time for our actual business!

Peter Güttinger

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